What is the difference between a low pressure misting system and a high pressure misting system?

A low pressure mist system is applied to a standard hose or tap pressure of 30psi to 75psi and consist of a heavy micron droplet of mist that typically soaks the area of water, hence without high pressure the water cannot be atomized into fine micron droplets, which causes the cooling effect of flash evaporation. High pressure mist systems operate at 1000psi, thus allowing the mist to be vaporized and reaching the maximum and most effective cooling possible.

How many nozzles can I use with a low-pressure system? Can I get a better mist by adding more nozzles?

The majority of our products are designed for expansion. Low pressure systems are limited by spigot pressure and the distance being traversed. We have distinguished that the city water pressure of 50 to 75 PSI supports a maximum of 25 standard .012" to .014" nozzles. This set-up can account for about 80ft of tubing. Once this distance is exceeded, flow reduction will become an issue. Every one of our retro kits is designed for low and high pressures. 

Is any maintenance needed for misting systems?

Just like most equipment, misting systems have a few maintenance concerns to keep in mind. At the core of every misting system is a pump face and motor, which can work for many years with the proper care. The main way to conduct maintenance on the system is by checking the oil and changing it during summer usage. Other tasks that should be consistently performed is periodically cleaning of the nozzles. Also, the system must be fully drained before every winter season along with a filter change. By following these basic applications, our systems are guaranteed to work perfectly for many more years!